Tips to Help Make Your Doors Burglar Proof

If you want to keep thieves away from your home, you should consider securing your doors as part of the measures you intend to put in place. You could also go for the Florida ADT Pulse Interactive Solution as a measure to secure your home more. Your home doors are one of the vulnerable areas of the home. Other areas include the garage, basement, the windows as well as the backyard. What then can you do to make your doors burglar proof? There are of course so many things you can do as we shall see.

You should ensure you have quality doors as well as good locks that work with them. You can get deadbolt locks to strengthen the doors further.  These locks are not easy to manipulate because they do not have a spring. Ensure that at no one time is the door hinges outside. If they happen to be outside, reset them immediately. You should also maintain the door frame. If it is rotten, make a point of correcting that. It is important to carry out maintenance on the doors to make them last longer and not to send signals to thieves that they can have their way in. You can also have motion sensor lights at the door to make them more secure.