Tips For a Better Scuba Diving

Tips for better scuba diving holidays to a variety of destinations. Find out about scuba diving holiday accommodation within close proximity to some of the best dive sites around the world.

Get expert advice from seasoned sailors, from places where you could explore a relatively ‘fresh' and formerly hidden world beneath the seas and also get much nearer to this sea-bed than you thought possible. For more information about scuba diving, visit

Tips For a Better Scuba Diving

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A stay at scuba diving vacation rentals allows you to explore the underwater world and also to take pleasure in the sight of coral reefs, along with the lively "Nemo" Clown Fish along with other vibrant tropical fish.

From the Mediterranean, There's something for everybody from Spain, Italy, Greek islands, Turkey, Sardinia and Majorca to Malta and Croatia into Cyprus.

Just around the corner, scuba diving at the Canary Islands provides some amazingly great diving using their volcanic roots evident from the submerged landscapes.

Heading west; several places like Stuart Cove's at Nassau, provide fish feeding adventures of Sting Rays and Reef Sharks as additional attractions, whilst additional dive sites in the Caribbean, like the Cayman Islands, (Grand Cayman and Cayman Brac) are also well-known for intimate encounters with angels or turtles.

But, in addition, there are wrecks both new and old to research; a few with an unknown background behind their sinking along with others using a story to tell.

There's also the appeal – however unlikely – of diving a previously undiscovered mess and finding the treasure! For most SCUBA divers, wreck diving provides the best of both worlds since they become artificial reefs and eventually become a house to reef fish, soft corals, and sponges.