The Absolute Faculty Of Humankind

The notion of being able to see and, through the visual senses, interpret reality is one very often taken for granted. This is, however, a much contested “truth” since the notions of reality has been defined as more and more subjective and nuanced as scientific discovery evolved. This is most aptly seen in the “sight” of a bat: bats are completely blind, yet have a unique way of “seeing” through their ability to send out, receive and “measure” sound frequencies. This allows for them to calculate the size, shape and dimensions of their surrounding environment.

Bats therefore have a completely different reality to the one experienced by most humans; however, does this mean that their reality is necessarily faulty or wrong? The question is therefore whether or not humans have any capacity to judge and relate to any “truthful” justification of what reality is.

The result is the famous philosophical line from Rene Descartes: “I think therefore I am”. The only thing humanity is therefore sure of, is the psychological-cognitive faculties one possesses, since everything else is a result of this faculty being able to exist and produce a reality for the individual. In this sense, the cognitive and psychological faculties are seen as the absolute or ultimate faculty of humankind. Do you want to know more about this topic? Check our Danish website for more info.