Favorite Soy Milk Smoothie Recipes with Protein Powder Added

My preference for soy milk is a brand called SILK, and instead of plain old Soy Milk we use their Vanilla flavored Soy Milk for our smoothies. At our house we have many berries growing wild all over the place, and we collect these blackberries well into August and freeze them. These make a great base for a Soy Milk based smoothie. We also use frozen mixed fruit with berries that we find at the grocery store. Even though it is not hand picked and frozen on site, these bags of fruits are still a good source of fruit to use for the base of your Soy Milk Smoothies. We also add a few tbsp of Fruitein Brand, Banana Orange Creme flavored protein powder, or depending what we are mixing into the Soy Milk Smoothie, we will use their Exotic Red Fruit Shake protein powder. This makes the Soy Milk Smoothie into a meal replacement instead just a delicious snack.

We are not lactose intolerant or anything like that, we have just lost the taste for milk, it does not seem to matter whether it is 2%, whole, skim, part skim, whatever the type, it is not cutting it in our house. We have been drinking soy milk for over 20 years, and we find it to be helping us stay healthier.

So for your smoothies, first take your blender out and get it set up for blending frozen items. We use the counter top style like the Magic Bullet personal blender and drink mixer. These are the perfect size for our fruit and soy milk smoothies.

So the first smoothie style we make is Frozen fruit, and i am partial to the frozen blackberries we picked ourselves last year. If you are taking fresh berries, clean them and then freeze them overnight to make the smoothie colder and smoother! In the blender put in 2 cups Vanilla flavored Soy Milk, and 1/2 cup frozen fruit, mix by pulsing the blender on and off for a minute, then add 2-tbsp of Exotic Red Fruit Shake Protein Powder. Add 1-tsp powdered sugar, and 2-tbsp honey. Also drop in 1/2 cup of ice, and mix well. Serve immediately. If you have to refrigerate the smoothie, it is best to freeze it and then thaw and blend again just before serving.

The second style smoothie we make uses a banana, some orange Juice, powdered sugar, ice, Protein Powder, Vanilla flavored Soy Milk, and Fruitein Brand, Banana Orange Creme flavored protein powder. The orange juice is acidic, and adding anything acidic to the mixture tends to make the Soy Milk thicken up nicely. First you have to plan ahead by peeling and freezing the banana, this is to help make the final drink more like a milkshake. Start with 1-cup of your favorite orange juice, and add to that your frozen banana, and start blending them in quick bursts. Then add 1-tsp of powdered sugar, and blend in 1 cup of Soy Milk, and 1/4 cup of ice. For added flavors you can include frozen strawberries, but do not add more than a few to each smoothie in order to balance the various tastes. Also can add a few tbsp of honey to kick it up a notch if you really like sweetness but prefer more natural sweeteners.

We make these ahead of time so that when things are hectic, we can still enjoy a great tasting and healthy snack or meal replacement. You can do almost anything you want with the ingredients for these smoothies, the only thing to watch out for is making them too thin. That tends to turn people off trying another one of your Soy Milk Smoothie creations next time they come over!

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