How To Pop a Pimple Correctly

Views on pimple popping vary dramatically depending on the past experience of the person you ask. Some say that they have tried the procedure and found it to be the best way of getting rid of acne. While others who have tried it failed to get positive results, and maybe even found that it made their acne worse.

Because of the concern that some people have, pimple popping as a technique is sometimes avoided. A better understanding of the technique quickly dispels these fears, as does greater familiarity with tools such as the pimple popper tool.

The use of a good pimple popping tool is essential as without one the process is almost doomed to fail through too much trauma or lack of cleanliness. A good pimple popper must be easy to clean and sterilise, and of course it must be easy to use.

Starting with a sterile tool, clean your hands and your face thoroughly and have some antiseptic on hand to keep your skin clean throughout. Then apply the pimple popper with a smooth action. Once the pimple has been opened, use your thumb and forefinger to gently but firmly squeeze out all the pus, and clean it away thoroughly with an alcohol wipe or cotton wool. Then clean the area with antiseptic.

It is the introduction of bacteria into the ruptured pimple that causes the procedure to fail, so keep hygiene firmly in your goal throughout, and you'll be delighted with the results.