Do You Really Need A Car Broker?

While buying a car, most people tend to follow the advice of their friends and family regarding this decision, however, it is common practice to go to a car dealership, and negotiate with them. The other option is to hire a car broker. Here, for most people, the question arises if they really need a car broker, or can do well without one.


  • Dealing with the money

If you have gone to a few dealerships, but are too embarrassed to ask them for a discount, or for those extra new rims within the current price, you do need a broker. Brokers for cars are connected well with dealerships, and can negotiate well on behalf of the customers. They can get discounts for them, as well as negotiate car servicing and extended warranties.

  • Expertise on the car

You may think that while researching for the best option for you to buy, you have learned probably everything there is to know about cars. While you might know of a car’s best features, the performance of the car and its reviews are something brokers deal with at a regular basis. If your knowledge comes from the internet, you need a broker.

  • The contract

If you do not completely understand the jargon dealerships use in their contracts, you definitely need a broker. These contracts are tricky with a lot of grey areas, made impossible for a one-time buyer to understand.

These are some important things to consider when deciding whether or not you actually need a car broker.

Why Should You Hire A Car Broker When Buying A Brand New Car?

Car brokers typically lack a dealer’s license, and in the start only dealt with new cars. The general public is not as aware of them as they are of car dealers. But, hiring a car broker to buy a new car may not seem like the right choice, but in hindsight it will save you money and get you good deal.

  • Car brokers are generally experts, and since they are working for the buyer they are more likely to spot a defect and inform you of it. A car dealer does inform you of defects as per law requirements, but they only disclose minimal information and nothing more. Care broker go above and beyond that.
  • Most car broker mention their spotters fee and since they are not licensed it will be quite cheaper compared to a car dealer, who has to deal will law regulation and their fees. And in a large city like Perth car brokers will be a plenty and you have the option of choosing the right/cheapest one for yourself.
  • Quite a few of us are intimidated going to a car dealer and having to deal with their sale pitch while trying to evaluate a given car and making sure it fits the needs of oneself . A car broker deals with the hassle and allows for a test drive and also helps you evaluate the car appropriately.

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Buying a car is one of the most expensive asset one can buy, save for a house. When one buys a car he or she wants to ensure that it is to their needs and wants and is of a good value. This cannot be done when a car dealer is breathing down your neck trying to sell every car you lay your eyes on. Hiring a car broker allows you to buy a cheaper car for a greater value without the stress and the hassle.