Health Benefits of Foot Massage

Courtesy: Health Hankering

Although our feet have the ultimate duty of carrying us around all day, we hardly ever treat them for all their hard work. In order to give back to your feet the easiest way is by giving it a massage. A foot massage for nearly 10 minutes can help us relax our body as well as our mind.

While there are countless massage techniques, some can only by performed by others. However we will talk about them in another article. Today we will be discussing the health benefits of foot massages and these include:

  • Promotes sleep

Giving yourself or receiving a foot massage right before going to bed helps in sleeping better. The relaxing and soothing massage helps your body unwind the entire day’s work and also relaxes the nerves.

  • Blood circulation

Because of the inactive lifestyle, most of us don’t use our feet muscles properly which results in poor blood circulation. A massage improves the blood circulation in that particular area and improves the overall health.

  • Fights depression

Who knew foot massage and reflexology could help fight depression. According to studies, foot massages act as consolation and help with emotional stability. In certain cases, giving a foot massage after the death of a loved one also helps with the grieving process.

  • Lowers BP

If you suffer from high blood pressure then regular foot massages can help you keep it normal. It reduces the triglyceride and systolic BP. While the exact pressure points are known by professionals, it is best if you consult a masseur for this.

You can find several health courses Sydney wide and get yourself registered in them if you are looking to become a professional masseur.