Severs Disease as a common problem in children

There are numerous causes of heel pain in adults, but in kids the most common by far is a condition called Severs disease. Since this is an injury to the growing plate at the back of the heel bone, it would not happen in adults. The most typical age of onset is around the early teenage years or a bit before. When we are born the heel bone expands from two regions, one being the major area of the heel bone and another being the growth zone at the back of the heel bone. These two pieces of bone are divided by a zone of cartilage. Severs Disease occurs when there is too much force on that area of cartilage.

The leading causes are simply too much activity done to rising amounts so that the bone doesn't get a chance to adapt to the loads which are placed on the bone. Most typically the child is participating in a lot of sports activity, typically on hard surfaces. Limited calf muscles can also be commonly present. The primary symptom is pain around the edges of the heel bone at the back of the heel and soreness on activity. Increasing the amount of sporting activity also can make it worse.



Thinking Of Redecorating My Childrens Bedrooms On A Budget

I am thinking of redecorating my childrens bedrooms, but I do not have a huge budget to work with. I see so many great childrens curtains ideas in magazines and in furniture stores but new furniture is out of my budget. Does anyone know of a great site that offers great ideas for redecorating for families that are on a tight budget? I have two daughters, ages 13 and 16, and they have long outgrown their cutesy bedrooms that are decorated in pink and purple. I have been promising them forever that I would redo their bedrooms and get them their choice childrens curtains, and I really would like to get started on making them something more appropriate for teenagers. I am not a particularly creative or crafty person, but I can follow directions when someone else comes up with them!

I want my girls bedrooms to be a place that they love- where they can hang out with their friends, or just relax and read or listen to music. I remember how much my bedroom meant to me as a teenager, and I know that they would really love it if I could do this for them. I just dont know where to start! Is there anyone out there who can point me in the right direction?