Start a New Life in The United Kingdom by Obtaining a UK Fiance Visa

Fiancé visa is a legitimate way to join your fiancé or a potential partner in the UK. To take advantage of the type of leave to enter, sponsor or fiance stayed in the UK must have permanent resident status or a British citizen.

Holders of the permanent residents can live in the UK without visa restrictions and no limit to stay what so ever. Foreign Couples can apply separately for a visa or if the sponsor is also outside the UK for whatever reason, they could both go at the same time.

If you are thinking of joining your fiance in the UK, the only feasible option you have is to apply for the appropriate visa but for this, you must consult immigration lawyers to get all info about the requirements for a fianc visa.

Once you have obtained permission to enter the UK, the possibilities are endless and you can enjoy the most desirable standard of living.

You can stay and work after marrying your fiance within the time limit provided. Usually, the time span in which the visa holder requires to be married to fiance is 6 months.

If everything is coming your way and you have to follow all the rules of immigration, it is an indication that you can apply for the extension.

The fiance visa holder is eligible to work in the UK under the normal rules and regulations. So, this visa category is the most worthy to live your dream in English.

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