People Are Now Taking Interest In Nigerian News

People from different parts of the world are now taking interest in Nigerian news due to the nature of news that keeps coming from this popular west African nation. From their brutality against minority groups to their inability to effectively deal with terror related problems, there is a lot for everyone to get to learn about Nigeria through reliable nigerian news sites.

nigerian news

And, it is not Nigerians alone who may be interested in reading news related to this country but people from every country around the world seem to be taking a keen interest in the whole situation surrounding Nigeria. Nigerian economy is also deteriorating in performance but the government appears to be interested in seeking to impress world leaders with their fake indices, something that the opposition groups are raising their voices against.

Nigeria under Buhari has indeed lost a lot of reputation but things seem to be the same with even developed countries like the US as their current president is least popular among the Americans. Nigeria has everything to be able to put itself on the right track of development however it needs to work towards eradication of corruption. A number of protests have been taking place with people seeking an end to corruption with certain banners urging the government to kill corruption instead of killing Nigerians.