Increase Power Performance and Productivity With HITACHI MOTORS

Cordless power tools are rising in the market for they’re in demand. Pros are relying on power tools to achieve greater work efficiency and precision at the job site. Productivity will be raised automatically.

Hitachi WH18DL is a cordless impact driver which runs on 18-volt lithium-ion batteries. The present article delivers complete details about the item, its specifications, and performance under different working atmospheres.

Hitachi developed the effected driver in such a way that there’s an excellent gain in the overall efficiency. They achieved the state because of the improvements in the design and ergonomics.

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Hitachi WH18DL is built using a lightweight framework that reduces the total load on the engine and yet offers increased protection. Thanks to using substances that are unique and possess improved strength. The use of such material also increased the efficacy of the power tool and decreased the loss of electricity transmission.

The impact driver application is best used for tightening bolts, driving lags, and sinking screws. The HXP technology developed by Hitachi has improved the energy development, a greater life of the battery and decreased power surge. Hitachi WH18DL has increased power production to complete an operation with no need for other power tools.

Beneath the hood of Hitachi WH18DL comprises a two-piece engine with heavy gauge aluminum coils which delivers maximum power. The aluminum coils increase the performance of the tool which increases the lifespan of this tool. The tool was designed to provide a maximum BPM of 3200, maximum RPM of 2600 under no-load state and a gigantic torque growth of 1330 in. /lbs.

To further increase the advantage, the impact driver to pull includes a two power setting switch which enables the operator to select between power mode (0-2600 rpm) and save mode (0-2000 rpm) operating speed.