Importance Of Curved Glass

If you would like your glass to turn corners and turn heads, then there are just a small number of companies in North America that could manufacture it. 

Perfect Geometry

If it comes to this, the dimensions will need to be perfect. To attain this, the producers use a sheet of glass as a gauge to make a steel stencil before they create the piece of curved glass to be utilized as the product. 

Shattering Results

Since it heats up much faster than steel, it can’t be set in the oven at exactly the exact same time as the steel mold. The producers heat the steel up for an hour before they include the glass. While the steel mold is being siphoned, the glass becomes ready by being cut into the particular dimensions.

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This Glass is Just Perfect

When it’s cut, a precise amount of pressure has to be applied. If the pressure is too small, the diamond blade will not cut through the glass, and if the pressure is too much it will burst.

Any part of dust residing on its surface during the shooting process can create a significant imperfection in the glass. The glass becomes polished until every bit of dirt and dust is removed, in addition to inspected thoroughly with UV lights which show any residual specks.

Just before it’s put on the steel mold, it must be painted with a coating of clay, detergent and calcium carbonate. When glass warms up it becomes sticky, and if it adheres to the mold, it can easily shatter. This coating ensures that the glass will come away clean.

Into The Oven

It’s then laid on top of the pre-heated steel mold and both are put in the oven. It takes approximately 3 hours and 1300 degrees Fahrenheit for the glass to start to bend.