Basics of Digital Camera Technology

Digital camera technology has made a big step within few years. Digital cameras became advanced with a number of enhanced features, and easier to use at the same time.

Photography has become more fun with the possibility of taking pictures with a film, previewing them on a liquid crystal display screen before printing them, and saving all the pictures on a pc or laptop.

Digital camera technology also made taking photographs less costly than it had been with the film-based cameras. For more information on Digital, Camera Technology visit

The new terminology used in digital camera technology might appear too complicated and difficult to learn, particularly for those who spent years learning and using film cameras.

 Digital cameras are all rated in pixels and inform the user how many countless tiny square constitute the picture. A one-megapixel camera will have one million squares included inside, while a five-star camera will contain five thousand. You’ll find lots of tips and techniques about digital camera technology throughนิ้ว-black-ประกัน-1-ปี.

When working with film, it was rated for speed or light-gathering capability. In digital camera technology, there are similar capabilities, expressed in the identical ISO ratings. Most digital cameras have a pre-set ISO rating of 400.

Digital zoom may appear to be somewhat the same as optical zoom, but actually, it doesn’t bring objects closer – it’s merely enlarging the entire image and selecting a section from it to make larger. Usually, by means of electronic zoom, the picture loses its quality.