Basic Information on Lanyard


Definition of Lanyard – It is a strap or cords made to be used by wearing around the neck. Lanyard consists of strings sewn in the form of a hook. Depending on its uses, lanyards come in a variety of shape and sizes.

Use of Lanyard for the right purpose

  1. Lanyards come in variety of colors and detailed graphics, giving some form of style and personality. They can be made to look unique. 
  2. Lanyards are used in conferences and trade shows, as a form of gaining entry for such events.
  3. Lanyards come in detachable clips where keys and ID tags can be removed or added.
  4. Lanyards also come in reflective forms which are useful while working in dark or low-light areas, or made simply to look good.

Lanyards are used beyond just holding IDs. Rather than just holding an ID tag, lanyards are now used in a way of self-expression. For example, lanyards can be used in various events or promotional activities that help the society. The demand for lanyards has grown even more for company employees. Companies invest on lanyards because they are relatively cheaper and also, lanyards allow company’s name and logo to be printed easily. They can used in company branding. Lanyards are also used by military and government officials to hold security cards and other important materials.

A lanyard has various uses and the need for lanyards grows every year.