An Overview of Available Spray Booths

The automotive paint market has many exciting developments to discuss. A whole lot of people could be unaware of the numerous kinds of spray booths as well as also the differences between these.

What's a spray booth?

Used for painting automobiles the foundation of this spray booth dates back more than a hundred decades. You can contact paint booth specialists, spray-tech/junair – Americas finishing experts for the best services.

Originally used for the painting of furniture and walls that they had been first used on automobiles in the early 1900s as it was found that the lacquer required to keep the metal onto the automobiles couldn't be applied with a brush.

Henry Ford embraced the stall in 1907 radically reducing the production time of a motor vehicle using the stalls more efficient system of painting. Revolutionising the automotive paint industry, they've been developed and enhanced over time into the highly effective system it's today.

Spray stalls today

There are 3 primary kinds of stalls; the 1 series, 3 series and 5 series. Each booth has different specs and abilities that this guide will endeavour to describe.

The 1 chain spray booth was originally developed as an affordable, low cost booth which has been still trustworthy. Containing several features normally only associated with high finish spray stalls the 1 string works nicely in more restricted spaces as it features a compact roof mounted air handling plant.

The three series is a really common alternative. The broad doors allow for simple loading and unloading of vehicles and are totally glazed making for better vision.

The three series stalls also comprises an extracted 140mm high flooring, necessitating no excavation. Together with the several features the three series is about the top end of this industry and is an exceptional platform.