A Brief Introduction Of Rackmount Powerstrips

Rackmount Powerstrip has come a long way in the past couple of years. Most power strips were 15 amp until more blade servers were placed on a server rack than ever before. Because of smaller “U” peaks, network techs could add two to three times more servers in a server rack than they had formerly.

This now increased the electric needs in each rack. Purchase online power distribution units at a reasonable price on Power Distribution Unit Rack Mount.

rackmount pdu

The rack mount power strips needed to be upgraded to handle more of the electrical load. Moreover, environmental factors like humidity and heat became more important as a result of tremendous computer power in a single rack. Anything that might result in server failure proved to be a high priority to diagnose.

One of the strategies to deal with the increased electric load was supposed to produce the rackmount powerstrip compatible with 20 and 30 amp software.

Enhancements have made to both the rackmount powerstrip and vertical power strips which allow a technician to get it remotely even to the point of turning human receptacles on or off for certain applications. Newer features include the ability to track amps, volts, heat, humidity and other vital data in the server rack level or remotely.