3 Ways You Can Customize Lanyards

Courtesy: guanchanggift

Whether there is a business event coming up or perhaps new employees being hired, one always need name or identification cards for everyone. This also means that a huge collection of lanyards is lying around to be used and customized. Below is a list of three interesting ways to customize lanyards.

1.  Coordinate Colors

Rather than using different basic lanyards, it would be better if you decide on a color theme based on your company colors. If you do not have them, use the colors in your logo. You can even have different color schemes of lanyards for people working in different teams. In this case, the colors might symbolize the job or project they are doing.

2. Add Attachments

It would be a great idea to add things to your lanyards rather than the basic identification cards. These could be things like keys, USB, mobile phones and flashlights. If you want to go a step ahead from these everyday items, you can add attachments for cameras or water bottles. It will be extremely convenient.

3. Quote Quotations

You can even add a group motto or some inspiring quotation over the lanyards. It will make it more creative and encourage people to actually wear it around their neck, rather than storing it somewhere in their handbags. You can buy lanyards online; many of these allow you to customize them.

Therefore, the next time you are planning an event and making little goody bags for your employees, volunteers or participants, you can use the aforementioned three ways to make your lanyards more fun.